3 Home Exterior Maintenance Tips

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Every homeowner has their own routine for everyday maintenance. Maybe Saturdays are for dusting and vacuuming, Sundays are for mowing, and Wednesday is laundry day.

But it’s a little harder to make a schedule for less frequent maintenance needs. Your home exterior and even some yard maintenance need only be addressed a few times a year. We’ll walk you through some tips on how to clean the exterior of your home and keep it looking its best.

Clean Your Home Exterior

Whether your house facade is brick, siding, stucco, or eco-friendly recycled metal, it needs a little TLC to keep your home looking its best. An annual exterior home cleaning removes stains, dirt, and anything else that’s clinging to your house and making it look less than its best.

Gutters and roofs also deserve a little attention. Leaves and other detritus can clog gutters and prevent them from draining properly during those sudden summer downpours. Consider hiring a professional for this kind of exterior home maintenance, especially if your roof is steep or otherwise difficult to navigate.

Keep an eye out for signs of extreme wear. Vinyl siding will crack over time, indicating a need for replacement. A fissure in your home’s brick exterior could signal a foundation issue.

Maintain Your Garden Beds

Summer heat can make yard work a chore. Instead of spending all day outside and risking heatstroke, break up your various outdoor housekeeping tasks and do one or two things every evening after work.

Weeds can get out of control in the summer. Mulch is an inexpensive and effective way to keep them out of your flower beds. Choose an organic mulch— consult with your local garden center if you’re not sure which type is best for your garden– and spread it about 2-3 inches thick.

Use an edge trimmer or a weed-killing spray to manage any growth near your sidewalks or driveways, as well. Weeds can cause cracks in the concrete.

Plant Seasonally

Whether it’s the summer heat or winter chill, a plant that can’t handle the weather can ruin the look of your lawn. Prevent months of withering flower beds by planting a four-season garden.

As long as you prune regularly and mulch to prevent weeds and keep roots warm during the winter months, your garden will always have some color. If you’re interested in growing fruit and veggies, ask your local garden center about planting a four-season edible garden!

Be Proud of Your Home

With a little care, your home exterior will outshine everyone else on your block. But don’t feel like you have to do all of it on your own! Give us a call if you would like some help making the exterior of your home look spiffy.