5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Power Washer to Clean Your Home

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Many homeowners embrace the DIY mentality. For some, it’s a matter of pride. Other simply enjoy the sense of accomplishment that goes with fixing things.

Some DIYers get so good at it that they approach professional-quality work.

Power washing your home, however, is one task that DIYers should leave to a professional power washer. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

1. Safer

A power washer provides exactly that: Power.

Unless you learn from someone with a lot of experience, it’s easy to accidentally damage your home. Power washers can break windows, crumble old bricks and mortar, and knock siding off a house.

A professional power washer knows how much pressure to use on different surfaces. He’ll leave your home looking clean, not needing repairs.

2. Removes Contaminants

Over time, your home can grow several contaminants, including:

  • mildew
  • mold
  • algae

That’s before considering the regular dust, particulates from chimneys, and any chemicals in the air.

Add all of that together and you get a grimy home that might need expensive repairs down the road. A professional power washing will knock those contaminants right off your home.

3. Pro-Grade Equipment

Consumer-grade power washers can’t achieve the same pressure as pro-grade washers. You can still damage your home with one, but it reduces the risk.

Power washer companies use pro-grade tools and cleaners. The kind of washers and cleaners that the average consumer can’t find on the rack at home improvement stores.

This lets the pros do a better, more thorough job than even very serious DIYers.

4. Improves Home Value

Looks shouldn’t matter, but they absolutely do matter when it comes to your home value.

Think it over for a moment. When you see a home for sale that’s dingy with untended landscaping, how does that affect your sense its value? It goes down, right?

It can even undermine your sense of the home values in an entire neighborhood.

A good power washing makes your home look its best. It can also expose unnoticed problems. Fixing problems before they become disasters also improves your home value.

5. Convenience

Many adults working full-time clock in nearly 50-hour weeks. Some work even longer hours every week. That cuts into the time you might otherwise use for family time or home maintenance.

Even on a comparatively small home, a decent power washing could easily burn through most of an afternoon. Would you rather spend that time on something you enjoy or outside washing your house?

Bringing in a pro lets you spend your limited free time on things you value more.

Parting Thoughts on Hiring a Professional Power Washer

If you find yourself tempted to buy a power washer and go to town on your home, don’t act on it immediately.

A professional power washer will almost certainly leave your house cleaner than you can. There’s less risk of property damage. It’ll also spare some of your limited free time for friends and family.

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