5 Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Paint or Stain

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Looking to add some flair to your house?

Consider a change to the outside of your house. The right exterior paint or stain can make passersby do a double take outside your property.

But choosing the right paint or stain can seem tough. There are many factors to consider and what seems like a million places to buy from. How can you pick?

Don’t worry–with the right tips, you’ll be more prepared than ever to pick your paint or stain. Here’s how.

1. Keep Cost in Mind

There are many pricing options you have for adding a fresh layer of exterior paint or stain to the outside of your house.

Are you thinking about outsourcing the task to a paint company? That’s a great option, if you have the budget for it. On average, homeowners pay around two thousand dollars to get a fresh job done.

If you’re not looking to dole out that much money, then you could do it yourself. Be aware of the different price options for paints, too. Many hover around 30 dollars a gallon at Home Depot.

2. Understand Your Surface

To get a paint job done, you need to understand the surface you’re working with. In all likelihood, your painting job won’t be just one simple coat of paint.

You’ll probably need to clean the outside of your home before you put down any paint or stain. Think about the amount of paint you’ll need, and what the climate you live in will do to your paint or stain job.

The more information you know, the easier the whole process will be.

3. Know the Difference Between Exterior Paint and Stain

This difference is a simple but important distinction.

Stain is a layer on the outside surface that helps preserve and protect the material. Paint is layered on top of stain. When you go to pick up your paint, make sure to pick out both.

4. Consider Architecture

Throughout the country, different neighborhoods were built in different historical eras. Depending on when your home was built, its aesthetic might be very unique. You should use that uniqueness to your advantage when picking an exterior paint or stain.

Was your house built in the 70’s? Then it might be good to go with a darker shade. Maybe you have a Victorian home–a brighter, solid color could be better.

The choice of color will be much easier once you have a handle on your architecture.

5. Color is Key

Colors are a high-risk, high-reward proposition. You should be thinking about your color scheme from day one of paint planning.

One approach to considering your color is mood-based: what kind of house do you want people to see? Or, you could try to blend in with your yard or neighborhood.

However you pick your color, don’t skip the thought process. It’s the first part of your house anyone will see.

Go Pick a Paint or Stain

With the right information, picking between paints and stains is very manageable. You shouldn’t look at the choice as a burden. Instead, it’s a way for you to improve the visuals on your home how you want.

If you have any more questions on taking care of your home, feel free to reach out to more about what we do for building. Good luck!