Gutter Cleaning: When You Should Hire a Pro vs. DIY

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gutter cleaning

It’s that time of year when you may be working through your list of maintenance jobs. Gutter cleaning will be high on that list, but you may not be sure when you can do it yourself.

Around 90,000 people visit the emergency room for treatment following falls from ladders every year. You may not feel safe working at heights.

The standing water caused by blocked gutters can even attract mosquitoes. It’s vital that you get them cleaned and inspected at least twice a year.

Read on to find out when you can clean gutters yourself and when you should hire a pro.

DIY Gutter Cleaning

You can follow a basic maintenance routine when it comes to gutter cleaning. If you feel safe doing so, use a ladder to reach the gutters. Scoop out the gunk.

In the spring, it might include seeds or buds. In early winter, it will be fallen leaves.

You can use those leaves in compost or mulch. Make sure you unclog the downspout so the water can drain away. While you’re there, check the rivets haven’t worked free from the downspout.

Keeping the downspout clear will stop you getting a build up of mildew or a backlog of water. That can cause gutters to sag.

Blocked gutters can also lead to damp inside your home. You can spend, on average, $2,439 to repair water damage.

You can also make sure that the spikes holding up the gutters are fastened to the walls. Repair any cracked caulking along the seams with bead silicon sealing.

Scrape old caulking out and make sure the area is completely dry first. Sealing the seams will stop the water rotting your fascia boards.

Once the gutters are secure, you can use a pressure washer. Follow the instructions when you rent or buy one.

At This point, You May Want to Hire a Professional

If you aim the pressure washer incorrectly, it can damage the gutter. It can even damage your roof shingles.

By contrast, a professional is trained to use pressure washers. They also know the right cleaning products to use, so they won’t cause damage to the materials of your home.

You may think you don’t need a professional if you have gutter guards installed. While they do help to minimize debris, they don’t eliminate it entirely.

Professionals are experienced in removing and replacing gutter guards. They’ve also got experience in replacing those gutter spikes we talked about earlier.

Hiring a professional has another advantage. A pro knows what to look for in your gutters.

An inspection can unearth issues with your drainage weeks or months before they become problems. Because they’re already on site, professionals can fix the issue as part of the cleaning job.

If you hire us to clean your gutters, you don’t need to be home when we arrive. We’ll also remove whatever we clean out of your gutters so you don’t need to dispose of it.

If you’d like to have your gutter cleaning carried out by professionals, contact us today.