3 Amazing Gutter Guard Benefits For Your Home

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If you’ve ever cleaned your own gutters, you’ll appreciate the convenience and ease of having a gutter guard.

These magical inventions have a much greater purpose than just keeping chores off of your honey-do list. They’re also incredibly practical and beneficial for your home.

Keep reading to learn more about how this upgrade can protect your home!

1. Fewer Clogs and Less Maintenance

The first benefit of upgrading your gutters is the most obvious. Fewer clogs mean less maintenance is required to keep your home looking great. The problem this device was created to solve is keeping leaves and debris out of your home’s gutters.

The way it works is when water hits your roof, it’s supposed to flow down the roof and into the gutter. Often, leaves and debris end up in the gutters during this process. If not addressed, this can lead to clogs and maintenance fees.

When you install a guard, it catches all of the debris, keeping it out of your gutters so they function how they are supposed to.

2. Mosquito and Pest Prevention

The Zika virus has become a worldwide health concern stemming from an increase in mosquitoes during the rainy season. Mosquitoes and other pests can carry disease and infest a home.

By preventing clogs in your gutters, you aren’t only saving yourself money on maintenance. You are also eliminating opportunities for standing water to collect around clogs. That means fewer mosquitoes.

In this same way, not having clogged gutters removes a hiding spot for rodents and pests. Mice need areas they can chew through, and clogged gutters are prime real estate.

A gutter guard provides you with peace of mind that you are working to prevent infestations.

3. Helps Prevent Damage from the Elements

Weather conditions and the elements can be devastating for homeowners who work hard to safeguard their homes from environmental problems. Most people don’t think about how clogged gutters can pave the way for some serious elemental issues. These include:


If wet debris sits in a gutter it can rust, prematurely. A gutter guard prevents debris from building up and getting rained on.


Clogged debris in your trough can be a fire hazard. If the leaves and debris dry and get struck by lightning, or some other spark, they can cause your house to catch fire.


Wet debris in the winter can cause gutters to freeze, creating blockage and the need for further maintenance.

Don’t get stuck with one of these serious problems, get a gutter guard instead.

Install a Gutter Guard Solution Today!

Homeowners with no shortage of things to do may be looking for ways to reclaim their time. For these people, gutter guards are convenient since they make cleaning your gutters much easier.

Gutter guards offer more than convenience. They protect the home against gutter clogs, pests that spread disease, and damage from weather. This makes them an absolute must for any house with gutters.

Now that you know why you must have guards on your gutter, contact us to install them today.