How To Prepare Your Home For A Pressure Washing Service

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First of all, congratulations! A professional pressure washing service is on the way to give your home the cleaning it deserves.

And oh boy, your house really needs this. You got green stuff growing on your walls, rust stains on your driveway, and your deck looks like it came off a sunken pirate ship.

Pressure washing will resolve all these issues. Your house will get its groove back with a refreshed curb appeal. Your children will be safe from diseases caused by bacteria, molds, and algae or from accidents due to slipping on the dirty floor.

Professionals handle pressure washing for a reason though. The high-pressure stream can cause property damage or injuries if you don’t take the following preventive measures:

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Secure any opening where water can enter through. You definitely do not want to add water damage to your home’s problems. Double check your doors and windows and make sure that they are completely closed.

If you are aware of any leaks or holes where water can still enter, inform us. Forewarned is forearmed and we will be extra cautious around that area.

Move or Cover Anything You Don’t Want to Get Wet

You remove your clothes before taking a shower. You also wear a shower cap if you don’t want your hair to get wet.

Store any items that can be moved away from the work area. That means any furniture on your deck or patio, garden tools, and your car if having your driveway washed.

The spray of water from pressure washing carries with it old paint and other debris. Secure these items a good distance away from the action.

If there are things that are fixed in the area, cover them with durable, waterproof plastic.

Electricity and Water Don’t Mix

We learn this in elementary school. Obviously, include electronic appliances and gadgets to the list of items to relocate.

Exterior electrical outlets deserve special mention because it is easy to overlook them. Make sure to unplug extension cords and to close the covers on the outlets.

Keep Children and Pets Away

The high-pressure water stream generates intense kinetic energy. The pressure is more than enough to break the skin and cause significant injury.

Station your children and pets inside the house, away from the doors and windows, during the cleaning process.

And Plants Too

Our pressure washing service uses eco-friendly products to clean your surfaces. We guarantee that our cleaning products will not damage your vegetation chemically.

The high pressure is a different matter, though. The stream can outright destroy flowers, leaves, and branches.

Store your potted plants in a safe place. If you have plants that are part of the landscape, cover them with sturdy, waterproof plastic.

Our Pressure Washing Service and You

We value our relationships with our customers. We want to avoid any potential conflict that may arise from property damage or injuries. This is why we take measures to inform you on how to prepare your home before we come knocking on your door.

If you have any questions, contact us!