5 Ways a Pressure Washer Boosts Your Company’s Sales

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When you think about the most important area of your office, the exterior doesn’t likely come to mind. This is a mistake when you stop to consider the importance of a clean exterior.

Your office’s cleanliness is one of the first things a customer or potential client will notice about your building.

Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that your entire exterior is in tip-top shape at all times. One of the best ways to do so is by making sure you get it cleaned on a regular basis.

A good team with a pressure washer will be able to remove any dirt and debris from your roof and sidings and make it look brand new.

Keep reading to discover how having a clean building can actually boost your sales.

1. It Helps With Online Photos and SEO

One of the most important things a small business can do is use exercise quality SEO practices. Part of doing so is to get your business listed on as many sites and search engines as possible.

But before you’re able to sign up for that hot business page, you’ll need to have a spotless building.

A great-looking building is sure to draw in customers looking for your business. In fact, your photos are one of the most important aspects of your online presence.

Be sure that you’re only portraying your office in the best light by keeping the exterior clean.

2. A Pressure Washer Will Help You Create a Great First Impression

Studies show that when it comes to business, a first impression is everything. And it certainly makes sense.

Consider this for a moment:

Would you rather walk into a building with a dingy exterior or one with a gorgeous, freshly cleaned exterior? The choice seems pretty clear to us.

3. A Cleaning Service Can Boost Your Roof’s Longevity

Your roof is surprisingly important. It’s where most of the dirt and grime is stored and can detract from your building’s appearance.

Even worse, roof repair can be a huge cost. The materials alone will cost thousands and that doesn’t even factor in the costs of labor.

In fact, one site suggests that a new roof can cost up to $18,000!

Avoid paying thousands by regularly cleaning your roof.

The good news is that most cleaning services offer some sort of roof cleaning as well. Make sure that your entire exterior is cleaned, including your roof.

4. Your Advertising Will Look Better

You’ve likely spent a lot of time (and money) on creating a good sign and logo for your business.

Therefore, you’ll want your office to look every bit as professional as your sign.

A clean building means that your logo will pop!

5. Your Employees Will Thank You

One of the biggest reasons to seek out a company with a pressure washer is due to health. A dirty building can lead to all sorts of complications stemming from dirt, dust, and mold.

It’s important to take care of your employees. By keeping them healthy, you’ll keep them productive and boost sales.

St. Louis Pressure Wash is the only service you’ll need. We’re a family owned business that’s served the area for nearly a decade.

Be sure to call today at 314-962-4220 for a free estimate and see how much of a difference a clean office can make.