How to Prevent Exterior Rust Stains

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rust stains

Metal is a prevalent material in front yards. Metal can hold plants and can fence your home off from the rest of the neighborhood.

Metal is used for these purposes due to its durability. But metal requires a lot of upkeep. And a rusty gate or patio furniture will turn off any passerby.

When you have any sort of metal outside, the risk of developing rust increases.

Outside metals can easily be impacted by certain weather factors such as rain and humidity increase the rusting process. You also may not pay as much attention to your outdoor furniture, causing it to form rust easier.

Let your metal last as long as possible by using these tips to prevent rust stains.

Choose Great Quality Metal To Prevent Rust Stains

Rusted metal on any kind of surface makes for terrible curb appeal. But metal outside can fall victim to rusting easier than the metal you have indoors. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the metal you use.

Prevent rusting by choosing great quality metals.

Find powder-coated metals or metals with baked-on enamel. These coatings are less prone to flaking, peeling, and rusting.

They’re more expensive, but your extra dollars are worth it. This kind of metal lasts for years.

Clean the Metal

If you want to avoid purchasing fancy metal, get in the habit of cleaning your metal.

Fortunately, you don’t have to perform this task constantly.

Clean your metal thoroughly about twice a year.

Combine warm water and liquid detergent. Use a sponge and clean all over the metal. Any smaller areas can be scrubbed off with an old toothbrush.

Rinse your metal off with a hose. You can leave it in the sun to air dry or pat it off with a towel.

Prevent Damage from Storms

Temperature changes can do lots of damage to your metals.

Hurricanes, major storms, snow, ice, hail, and tornados can completely damage even the strongest of metal.

If you have metal outdoor furniture and decorations, take them inside during a storm. You don’t want to risk them being ruined or dragged off somewhere.

Are there metal coatings in your home? What about your gate and fence?

Cover them with fabric.

The fabric is breathable and serves as a barrier between the metal and the water or ice.

Use Sandpaper

If your metal is already showing signs of rust, there’s no need to replace it. The minute you notice minor rust stains, use sandpaper to scrub it off.

You simply take the sandpaper and scrub off any rust. You the same cleansing mixture stated previously to wash off the residue.

After the metal is sanded, cleaned, and dried, it’s time to repaint the metal. Use a metal primer and follow through with a paint that’s specifically meant for metal materials.

Now You Can Always Prevent Rust Stains

Metal is always a lovely accent to your home or any outdoor furniture.

But it’s important the metal is maintained to prevent rusting. Fortunately, preventing rust is easy. Just clean the metal or purchase higher quality metal.

There are options if you’re already getting rust. Use sandpaper to remove the rust. But don’t wait until the rusting gets worse.

If your rust is severe, take a look at our services.