Rust Stain Removal: Where the Stains are Likely to Appear on Your Home and What You Can Do

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rust stain removal

Rust is not only the enemy of appliances and areas on your property but also you. When it goes untreated, it builds up.

All that bacteria becomes caked on to the point it can be difficult to conduct a rust stain removal process. Instead of taking action, most leave it go.

But what happens when it becomes dangerous?

A cut resulted from something rusty can be fatal. You can develop tetanus, which is a bacterial infection that can affect the brain and nervous system.

With that said, we’ll go over where rust is most likely to develop and what you can do to stop it before it gets worse.

Here we go!

Where is Rust Most Likely to Develop?

While most of us think we have a pretty good idea of where rust can show up, these findings might surprise you. Let’s go over the places you’d least expect rust.

Take a look.

Concrete Floors

Have you given your garage floor a good once-over? If you notice any slight discoloration, that could be the start of rust.

Leaking batteries from vehicles, grease, and oil can all contribute to it. It’s important you catch it before it turns into an orangey color.


Metal deposits in the water of the laundry room may have you seeing rust stains on your t-shirts. At first, you won’t see them until after they’ve been laundered.

But don’t think it’s just shirts and underwear that are susceptible. Other fabric types like towels and linens can develop rust as well.

They’ll either show up as a light orange color or a pale yellow stain.

Swimming Pools

Not even a well-made pool is excused from gaining rust. Even the gate surrounding it can attract rust. Unfortunately, a variety of causes can be the culprit of its development.

In the water could be metal, which is why you might be seeing orange spots throughout your pool. Another cause could be living organisms, especially if you don’t use your pool anymore.

Rust Stain Removal Processes

Rust is no joke. If left untreated, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of it for good.

Here’s a couple of tactics that can help you fight the stains.

Natural Remedies

When we think of treating rust, harsh chemicals come to mind. If the stains are minor, you can rest assured knowing a more natural approach can be taken.

There’s a variety of rust stain removal recipes out there. Some involve using lemon juice while others suggest vinegar.

Hire Professionals

More often, natural remedies won’t cut it. You can spend hours on end scrubbing a stain to no avail.

That’s when a more serious solution comes into play. Rust is nothing to take lightly and it should be handled by professionals. They have the tools, solutions, and the technology to treat the stains and make sure they won’t reappear.

How We Can Help

Unlike the competition, we don’t use harsh chemicals. Instead, we use pressure washing techniques.

This way, it’s safer and more effective. When you remove the rust, you’re protecting your family without the use of dangerous chemicals.

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