Secret Homeowner Tips: Can You Paint Gutters?

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can you paint gutters

There comes a time when you walk into your house and happen to gaze up at your roof. Your hideous, aging gutters catch your eye.

They’re not only sloping, but a little moldy and could use a powerwash and a good paint job. It’s been years since you’ve given them a second look but now, it’s all you can see every time you walk by.  

You think to yourself, do I have to shell out for new ones or can you paint gutters? Will the paint stick? Can I do it myself? 

Don’t worry because, in this article, we’ll dive into all of your questions and give you the answers! 

Grab your paint roller; we’re getting started!

Can You Paint Gutters? 

Not only can you paint your gutters, but it’s also very easy to do. Forget about hiring expensive professional painters. If you’ve got a ladder and the ability to climb one safely, you can paint your gutters. 

A fresh set of paint can completely transform old aluminum gutters. Instead of shelling out for brand new gutters, just paint your old ones!  

How to Paint Gutters

When painting gutters it’s key that you remember the three P’s: prepare, prime, and paint. Let’s learn more. 

1. Prepare

Before you can paint your gutters, you’ll have to clean them. This doesn’t just mean removing debris but scrubbing with a brush or power washing it well to remove all dirt and residue from over the years. 

A simple solution of water and soap should do the trick. This step is critical to ensuring your gutters take the paint and look great.

You’ll also want to remove the brackets of your gutters so that you can prime and paint under them, as well as the brackets themselves.

Cleaning gutters can be dangerous. We suggest you hire a professional if you aren’t entirely confident.

Please take precaution before climbing a ladder. Every year there are over 164,000 emergency room visits resulting from ladder-related accidents. 

2. Prime

If you’re an avid painter, you know that, like anything you paint, you must apply a coat (or two) or primer to the surface first. Gutters are no different. 

The primer will prevent the color from fading, rust from forming, and allow the paint to stay longer. Don’t skip this step. 

Apply the primer and wait 48 hours before applying paint.

3. Paint

Some people hesitate to paint their gutters thinking that paint won’t stay. As long as you choose the right paint for the job, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Since you’ve taken the time to clean and prime them, a fresh coat of the right paint should be all you need now. 

Be sure to wait 24 hours between applying the first and second coat. 

Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean

Now that we’ve answered your question, “can you paint gutters” you might have more questions or are ready to tackle new projects like your moldy siding or dingy driveway. We can help. 

At St. Louis Pressure Wash, we’ve got all the tools and experience you need to get the job done. Head to our website and check out our services. Let’s get your home sparkling clean!