When a Soft Wash Is The Better Choice

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To preserve the facade of your home, you need to hire an exterior cleaning service from time to time. These contractors will remove stains, mildew, and other contaminants and brighten surfaces.

Most providers offer a variety of home cleaning services, such as power washing and pressure washing. Soft washing is a service that may be more optimal for your home, although you may be less familiar with it.

Many opt for a power or pressure wash because they assume it’s the most effective. Soft washing is able to provide the same powerful clean as the other methods in a much safer manner.

Here’s when you should go for a soft wash.

Differences Between a Soft Wash and a Pressure Wash

Let’s start by discussing the primary differences between the two popular cleaning services. Both are aptly named, as a soft wash is much more delicate than a power wash or pressure wash.

When pressure washing your home, you’re relying on a high-powered system to remove dirt. Unlike a power wash, where water is heated to a scorching degree, pressure washing is done at a normal temperature.

Soft washing also makes use of average temperatures, as well as eco-friendly chemical solutions. These cleaning agents are intended to protect the appearance of your home’s siding by avoiding the use of a high-pressure nozzle.

When to Opt For a Soft Wash

Soft washes are a solution-based cleaning procedure, as opposed to pressure-based. Many make the mistake of assuming this process isn’t as effective as other services, but that’s not true. Soft washes are actually recommended for most home structures.

This is due to the fact they’re able to provide a much safer clean without compromising the home’s integrity. High-pressure cleaning is much better suited for more durable surfaces, such as concrete.

The PSI of a nozzle used for soft washing is much less robust than that of a pressure washer. In fact, it’s more closely aligned with a garden hose.

Once the biodegradable solution is applied to the siding, it then sits for several minutes. After it’s had time to absorb, it’s rinsed off with another low-pressure nozzle.

This allows the solution to target the cracks and seeps within the siding more efficiently. This absorption process breaks down dirt and mildew by targeting the root of the problem. In a sense, power washing only removes dirt at the surface.

Wrapping Up

It’s highly recommended you hire a contractor for a home washing service to avoid injury. It’s inexpensive, plus you get the peace of mind of knowing your home is taken care of properly.

At St. Louis Pressure Wash, we’re dedicated to providing our customers the best clean that won’t break their budget. We understand the importance of preserving your home’s exterior, so we stand by our soft wash services.

If you’re interested in getting a proactive home clean, get in touch with us today! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.