The Ultimate Guide to Exterior House Washing

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exterior house washing

Exterior house washing does much more than keep your house looking its best, though that is probably the first thing people notice.

Cleaning the exterior of your home has amazing benefits to the overall “health” of your house, such as getting rid of any unwanted buildup that can cause damage later as well as keeping pests at bay that have begun to build their homes in between your panels or gutters.

The question is, where do you start?

Here are some tips on safe and efficient exterior house cleaning.

Exterior House Washing

Cleaning the exterior of your home can seem like a huge task, especially if you have a fairly large home. If you stick to a few easy to follow outside house cleaning guidelines, however, you could completely clean the exterior of your home within a day.

Wait for a Warm Dry Day

You won’t be fighting with the added moisture that comes with humidity, and those crusted on pieces of debris will be easier to take off with a pressure washer. You will also have the advantage of a lack of wind on your side, so you won’t having to deal with overspray.

Cover Your Shrubs

Cleaning the exterior of your home may prove to be a slightly messy task, especially when you are handling a pressure washer. Be sure to cover up any shrubs, plants, or even frail trees to protect them from both the pressure washer spray and any debris that may fall off your home.

Keep an Eye Out for Stains

You can wash out heavier stains that couldn’t be removed from pressure washing, you may be able to remove the stains by hand with soapy water and a scrub brush. Your pressure washer may also have a separate unit to add a cleaning solution.

Regular soap and warm water may do the trick for most exterior stains but make a point to determine what type of stain is on the exterior of your home first. For example, stubborn rust stains need a strong solution. Try combining a quarter pound of oxalic acid powder to one gallon of water and scrub the stain for removal.

Take extra care when doing this though because you may discover larger issues with the exterior of your home that may require investigating by a professional.

Next Steps and When to Call a Pro

Never take on any project you aren’t sure you can handle and there is no harm in calling it quits if you underestimated the project. If this is your first time performing an exterior house washing project, look for local pressure washer rental options and ask them any questions you may have.

If you have a larger house and don’t feel like you can take on the task, call a pro!

St. Louis Pressure Wash offers services that go beyond pressure washing your home. With services that include gutter cleaning and roof cleaning, your home will look amazing by the time they are finished.

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